The amount of costs incurred for our services depends significantly on the scope of our performance in each individual case.

Initial Consultation

For our initial legal consultation, we typically allocate one hour to thoroughly discuss the legal and factual issues with you and provide initial steps towards resolving your legal questions. We offer this qualified initial consultation at a flat rate of 200.00 euros plus applicable VAT.


In principle, our fees are calculated based on the time spent on the matter, and we agree on an hourly rate with you depending on the area of law and the complexity of the matter, which is at least 200.00 euros net per hour. As a minimum fee, we apply the statutory fees according to the Lawyers’ Remuneration Act (RVG), which in most cases depend on the client’s economic interest and the scope of the work. The fees for the lawyer’s work depend, for example, on whether and to what extent extrajudicial or judicial activities are carried out, court appearances are required, or a settlement is reached. Since this calculation of statutory fees is difficult for laypeople to understand, we provide an overview of the expected statutory fees at the beginning of a mandate. Additionally, an RVG calculator provides initial guidance.

Legal protection insurance

We are happy to directly invoice your legal expenses insurance for the statutory fees. For this associated effort, we charge a flat fee of 50.00 euros.