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We, Dr. Gundula Weitzberg and Christian Weitzberg, have been representing clients in their civil law matters in our traditional law firm for over twenty years – independently, discreetly, competently and loyally. We create legally sound solutions and argue for our clients with heart and mind.

Certified specialist in employment law

Redundancy payment, employment contract, termination agreement, transfer of business, parental leave, fixed-term contracts, dismissal with immediate effect, salary, managing director, protection against dismissal, Executive employee, wages, annual leave, leave compensation, transfer, expiry clause, non-competition clause, target agreement

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Certified specialist in commercial and corporate Law

Exclusion of the managing director, Exclusion of the shareholder, Severance pay, Valuation, Debt collection, Civil law partnership (GbR), Shareholder dispute, Shareholders’ meeting, Limited liability company (GmbH), Formation of companies, Commercial business, Limited partnership (KG) Members’ meeting, General partnership (OHG), Company purchase agreement, Formation of association, Board of directors, Business law

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Land & Property law

Conveyance, billing of operating costs, condominium, personal use of the property, owner’s meeting, commercial lease, property division, property purchase agreement, house purchase, mortgage, deposit, notice of termination, rental contract, rent increase, utility costs, partition auction, WEG, right of residence, flat purchase, property auction

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