Land & Property law

In the field of real estate law, we advise and represent you in property law, tenancy law, and condominium law.

Acquisition or Sale of Real Estate

The acquisition or sale of a property raises many legal questions that need to be clarified before the notarization of the property purchase agreement. Details regarding property rights, such as leasehold, mortgage, usufruct or annuity debt, are crucial. We advise you on the rights and obligations arising from the contracts, review the contract drafts and provide support with our expertise in contract negotiations.

For Property Owners

Condominium associations are characterized by a high degree of legal complexity and a multitude of stakeholders. The different ideas of the stakeholders regarding the use of their own property and the common property repeatedly raise legal questions between the owners among themselves and the condominium association. We assist in the preparation and conduct of your owners’ meeting, advise you on all questions of condominium law, examine owners’ resolutions for their legal effectiveness, and represent you in court if a judicial dispute can no longer be avoided.